Research: Hotel Business Impacted By Inaccurate Weather Forecasts

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Research conducted by Neirbi Analytics and the Connecticut Lodging Association concluded that the 5-day weather forecast is often inaccurate, impacting hotel revenue. Introduction Snowfall beckons skiers; clear, hot days draw crowds to the beach. It’s a predictable formula that hoteliers rely on for marketing, budget projection, and other aspects of their business. But depending on the vagaries of the weather is no sure bet. Meteorology often seems more of an art than a science: a hurricane might turn off course, or a snowstorm could bypass a town that has already canceled school for the day. When a hotelier is counting on a weather system that doesn’t manifest, it can mean a huge financial drop from projected earnings. Given that hotels depend on accurate weather prediction to run their business, Neirbi Analytics decided to do an analysis to determine exactly how accurate those predictions were. The result? On average, weather forecasts are inaccurate almost 25% of the time. That means hoteliers counting on weather prediction alone to project earnings are fig... Read More

Proactive Planning Can Help Minimize the Ripple Effect of Major Flight Disruptions

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Flight delays and cancellations happen every single day at airports. The causes for such are usually minor, but every now and then some unforeseen variables can cause major disruptions nationwide. So at what point do these variables surpass a threshold that impacts a significant number of travelers? And to what extent do the trickle effects cause serious problems beyond the date of impact? We did some investigating to find the answers.... Read More

The Impact of Zika on Hotels & Travel

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When a disease makes as big an impact as the Zika virus did, you can bet it will affect vacationers’ travel plans. In 2016, there were 1,115 cases reported in Florida. The disease also flourished throughout the American South, in Puerto Rico, and in the Caribbean. At its peak, vacationers who typically headed to Florida sought safer destinations: California, Hawaii, Bermuda, and other locations that didn’t get hit. Hotels in areas affected by Zika lost out. Hotels in unaffected destinations saw more visitors than the norm.... Read More

Webinar: So How Exactly Does Big Data Impact My Hotel?

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Presented by: Lisa Miksis (Founder) & Taiwo Togun (Data Scientist) For more information, visit Read More

Hotel Trends: Marketing to Millennials

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Millennials have been in the spotlight for years now when it comes to business- from their habits in the workplace to targeting them with digital marketing messages. Multiple studies have said the Millennial’s desire to travel is greater than any other generation, so hospitality leaders have taken notice and have jumped into action. New hotel brands are emerging with Millennial-focused themes and all brands, large chains and boutique hotels alike, have altered their approaches to design and marketing to target this audience.... Read More

How NHL Games Impact The Hotel Market

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With the Stanley Cup Playoffs now in the last stretch of the finals, all eyes are on the Predators and Penguins. There’s no doubt that fans’ keen interest throughout the playoff season has paid off for hotels fortunate enough to be located near the arenas where the battles unfold. But predicting high occupancy for hotels isn’t as easy as plotting ice rinks on a map—even during a tournament like the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Hotels can count on an increase in revenue during the Playoffs, but without taking other factors into account, their predictions can be way off. The dedication of a team’s fan base, how deep into the season the game takes place, and even the day of the week influences whether a hockey game will correlate with a huge increase in hotel occupancy or a middling one. External factors may have an even greater influence on occupancy rates than the game itself.... Read More

The Power of Targeting the Right Customer at the Right Time

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Building a successful advertising campaign takes tremendous resources, from time to talent, and targeting the right consumer is a vital first step. However, even your ideal consumer isn’t always going to be in the market for your product or service; It all depends on timing. By analyzing external factors such as weather, traffic, and numerous other conditions that can influence sales, Neirbi helps you time your campaign for optimal impact.... Read More

The “Super Bowl Effect” Isn’t All That Super for Hotels

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The impact of the Super Bowl on hotel occupancy and profit is not as black and white as one would think. Many factors come into play that need to be considered when looking at how a hotel might benefit from the big game. The most important factor: location, location, location!... Read More