The Power of Targeting the Right Customer at the Right Time

Category : Marketing   Posted By : Jen Matteis
Building a successful advertising campaign takes tremendous resources, from time to talent, and targeting the right consumer is a vital first step. However, even your ideal consumer isn’t always going to be in the market for your product or service; It all depends on timing. By analyzing external factors such as weather, traffic, and numerous other conditions that can influence sales, Neirbi helps you time your campaign for optimal impact.... Read More

The “Super Bowl Effect” Isn’t All That Super for Hotels

Category : Impacts   Posted By : Alina Kostek
Breaking Down the Effects of the Super Bowl on a Host City's Hotel Market. The impact of the Super Bowl on hotel occupancy and profit is not as black and white as one would think. Many factors come into play that need to be considered when looking at how a hotel might benefit from the big game. The most important factor: location, location, location!... Read More