Predictive Analytics
to Forecast Demand

Many platforms on the market analyze data from conditions to help predict what will happen next. The beauty of Neirbi is that we do not just monitor and analyze one condition, we take data from dozens of conditions and not only compare them to each other but also to your business data to identify trends specific to you to increase your revenue and save you expenses.

Highest Quality Data

Neirbi subscribes to and acquires conditional data from only the most accurate sources available to power the prediction engine. Our research team then manually acquires additional local data elements to fill in the gaps.

Categories Monitored Include

  • Weather
  • Air traffic
  • Local and Citywide Events
  • Stock Market and Economic Trends
  • Gasoline and Oil Prices
  • YOUR Business Data
  • And much more

Expert Data Scientists

Teaming up with award-winning data scientists who specialize in statistical analysis and mathematics, Neirbi is able to analyze all the data sets independently and simultaneously to identify trends and predictions and develop algorithms to alert you when a prediction is eminent.

An Evolving System

By collecting and analyzing data in real-time, Neirbi is able to incorporate new events such as a hurricane, a new city wide event or global economic events seamlessly into the engine to refine the algorithms to reflect what is happening in the world around you so the predictions adapt to the changes in environment

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