Technology that Simplifies

Derived from data.

Refined by science.

Custom alerts right at your fingertips saving you time and making your hotel money.

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Too much data?

Amidst all of the noise in the marketplace, there is an ongoing struggle for hoteliers to identify relevant events and conditions that impact demand in real-time.

Too many reports, none of which deliver actionable insight.

Neirbi Hotel Solutions

Actionable Insights Derived from Big Data

Group Sales Leads


Sharing Economy

School Breaks and Graduations






  • Increased Efficiency
  • Marketing Lift
  • Revenue Generation
  • Increased Profits

Neirbi Hotel Solutions
Standard Edition

Opportunities delivered to your inbox each morning customized for your market and property type

Dashboard for accessing past, present, and future impacts

Searchable Events, Leads, and Schools portals


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Customization and additional modules are available for an additional fee. Contact us for a demo for custom analytics and solutions.

Stop being reactive and start being proactive with Neirbi Hotel Solutions!