Loan Delinquencies

Neirbi's LSTM can accurately predict residential mortgage delinquencies. The innovative algorithm uses machine learning to evaluate a proprietary blend of big-data to predict when a mortgage may become delinquent.

The Result?

Exclusive insight and analysis for banks and financial institutions to help manage mortgage portfolios and power more profitable transactions

The Neirbi Advantage

Cutting Edge Data Science

Neirbi data-scientists use an exclusive Long-Short-Term-Memory (LSTM) Neural Network architecture to develop the model leveraging state-of-the-art techniques that keep the Neirbi algorithm ahead of the curve.

Big Data in Real-Time

Neirbi aggregates an unprecedented amount of micro and macroeconomic data variables in addition to millions of business observations to train the model in real-time to forecast trends ahead of the competition.

Breakthroughs in Processing Power

Neirbi leverages innovations in computational and processing power to drive the Neirbi LSTM prediction model to higher accuracy than was ever possible before.

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